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Julie Williams

Julie Williams

  • Title: Village After-School Care Staff Member
  • Village Staff: Village Staff

Julie Williams serves as a specialist in our Village after-school care program, having become a valued member of the CMS family in 2023 when she sought a Montessori environment for her daughter. Prior to joining CMS, Julie dedicated 5 years to the 863rd Military Police Co. and another 3 years to the 151st Military Police Battalion. Her credentials include a United States Army Military Police School Diploma, along with various military certifications such as Protective Security Detail and Basic Leadership attained at the Noncommissioned Officer School. Julie was honorably discharged in 2020, holding the rank of E-5 Sergeant. Currently enrolled in the University of Charleston ADN-RN accelerated program, Julie is concurrently working towards her Bachelor's in Biology-Specified Biomedical Sciences. Additionally, she holds a diploma in Forestry/Wildlife & Fisheries/Agricultural Studies from the Fayette Institute of Technology. 

Beyond her academic pursuits, Julie is deeply passionate about art and human psychology. She believes that art's interpretive nature allows for timeless expression of the diversity in human perspectives and experiences. Originally from Oak Hill, WV, Julie now resides in Boomer, WV, with her partner, Nicholas, their daughter, and their dog. In her free time, she enjoys creating and being artistic, as she is often baking, painting, or doing photography. Julie looks forward to seeing the students every day with hope that the memories made at CMS are full of love, patience, and lots of laughs. She often says “To be part of CMS, is to have a second family” when describing her work to others. The coworkers, the parents, and the students here will “forever hold space in her heart”.